Hand Sanitation & Hand wash Stations




The Handistand is made in moulded polyethylene that can withstand a great deal of force. It can be filled with water for increased stability.


The Handistand hand sanitation station is a perfect fit for festivals, events, etc. It can be placed beside toilets, entrances, food stalls and spread around the area to secure better hygiene.


The Handistand contains Antibac. Therefore, by having a Handistand at your arrangement you help the keep risk of infection down. Also, guests will appreciate that their hygiene is maintained after visting the toilets, before and after meals etc.


  • 2 dispensers with Antibac foam/gel.


Hight: 1500 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Weight: approx. 10 kg (without water)



  • Sink
  • Closed tank
  • Foot pump 
  • Paper towels
  • Soap dispenser




Width: 645 mm
Height: 1638 mm
Depth: 485 mm
Weight: 30 kg (without)
Water: 76 L
Grey water: 83 L
Number of uses: 300



Hand Sanitation Station


  • Sink
  • Closed tank
  • Foot pump
  • Soap
  • Paper towels


Hight: 1372 mm
Width: 1067 mm
Depth: 610 mm

Water tank: 163 L
Grey water tank: 178 L

Weight, empty: 54 kg
Weight, full: 213 kg