Toilet service


Hibas AS performs complete toilet service on it's own portable toilets and trailers, as well as the customers own or other portable toilets and trailers.


Hibas AS comes when you call in times of need, or we can set up regular appointments as often as you require.


We perform service at the construction site, at arrangements, events, the customer's property etc.


Toilet service consists of:

  • Emptying the toilet.
  • Refilling sanitary liquid in the tank.
  • Refilling the 150 liter tank.
  • Refilling the water tank.
  • Simple cleaning inside the toilet.
  • Refilling up to 3 toilet paper rolls.
  • Refilling up to 1 packet of paper hand towels.


We perform reperations when needed. If the customer owns the toilet, reperations will be agreed upon beforehand.